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International Conference 2018 AEC

International Conference on Construction Research / Eduardo Torroja

Architecture, Engineering and Concrete AEC

Where do we come from?  Where are we going?

  21,22,23 November 2018, Madrid

The Eduardo Torroja Foundation will be organizing an international conference on construction research entitled “Architecture, Engineering and Concrete AEC”, in conjunction with the Eduardo Torroja Institute of Construction Science of the Superior Council of Scientific researches / CSIC, and with the co- sponsors; ACHE, FIB and IASS, and the collaboration of the General Directorate of Architecture of the Spanish Ministry of Development, and the Technical University of Madrid. 

The conference is being called to support research – past, present and future- on architecture and engineering built in concrete and concrete as construction material. Following the footsteps of Eduardo Torroja, the conference will be a forum for international reflection and debate. It will revolve around a philosophy and praxis that advocate a view of architecture and engineering as part of the same engine, built in the factory of innovation and serving society by driving progress. The intention is to encourage dialogue among researchers, professionals, builders, ancillary industries and the university, sharing experiences and building relationships among the various actors involved in the development required by a society characterized by relentless change. 

José Antonio Torroja

President / Fundación Eduardo Torroja








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